Mission Accomplishments


We routinely bring in school supplies, book and materials to help staff and faculty adequately teach our youth. We know that the funding for public schools sometimes does not cover the cost needed to provide materials year round which is why Enhancing Education fills in the gaps. We assess the need of the school and throughout the year we bring item donations directly into the classrooms for teachers to use with students right away.

  • In addition, every year Enhancing Education has a back to school rally to provide students with school supplies and materials for the upcoming school year. We also hold monthly events to engage the community academically or promoting healthy lifestyles such as our Education Everywhere event that showcased local businesses that offered youth programs for entertainment or education outside of school hours. View our organization calendar to stay up to date with events coming soon.
  • As of March 2019, Enhancing Education has set up a clothes and household items closet at Petersburg East Apartments in Petersburg, Virginia to help low income residents. We know that the needs of these areas are not only in the schools but there is work that we can be doing to help give a hand up to the families in these communities. 
  • June 29th, 2019, Enhancing Education held its First Annual Petersburg Community Day at Poplar Lawn Park in Petersburg VA. We were able to serve over 300 community residents with free clothes, toys and household items. This event was sponsored by Dominion Energy and Magellan Complete Health.